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As recommended by George McFly

Delorean Time Machine Event Hire

If you’re looking to bring in a crowd at your next event, then there really is no better way than a Delorean Time Machine. At BTTF Car Hire we believe in providing an interactive experience for your guests where they are able to sit in the car, take photographs and soak in the atmosphere as the car demonstrates accelerating to 88mph, engaging the flux capacitor and going back in time! Guests that really want to ‘play the part’ can also use our extensive range of props to dress up as Marty or Doc and make use of our replica Hoverboard and other props.

Our Time Machine also features an industry standard DMX stage lighting system that can be used to individually control the lights and smoke machines installed on the Delorean. Light shows can also be recorded to our DMX512 recorder, and then played back on demand based on trigger events. This is perfect for stage shows, music videos and other events. We even have our own pre-recorded lighting shows that are sync'd to remixed Back To The Future soundtracks.

Some of the events we cover are:

  • Photo shoots for brands or celebrities
  • TV and Film
  • Exhibitions and Shows
  • Corporate parties and conferences
  • 80’s / retro themed events
  • Back To The Future themed events
  • Festivals
  • Conventions

Our Delorean Time Machine recently featured in a chart topping single by Billen Ted! Check out the video below:

The Delorean is road legal, fully taxed and insured and has its own power source capable of powering all of the lights and props for a total of 8 hours (and the smoke machine for a total of 2 hours). The car can also be connected directly to a 240v power source for continuous operation. For photography and film work, various aspects of the car such as its lighting and props can be easily disabled if not required.

For special events we also have a collection of high profile, screen used props from Back To The Future including: The phone book page with DR Emmett Brown’s telephone number (BBTF Part I), A rising sun hoverboard (BTTF Part II) and Delorean License Plate (BTTF Part III). For 80’s events we can also provide screen used props from other films such as Gremlins, The Goonies, Nightmare On Elm Street, Return to Oz, Jurassic Park, Bill & Ted, and many more! Please contact us for pricing and further details.

Our primary locations of operation are Essex, London and Kent. However, arrangements can be made to transport the car anywhere in the UK, Europe or Worldwide. Transportation fees and deposits must be paid in advance.

Hire a Delorean for corporate events

Add a conversation piece to your next corporate event! Whether it be a Christmas party, product launch, meeting or even a new start-up, having a Delorean Time machine at your venue is sure to get your clients and employee's conversing. For marketing campaigns the "time travel puns" are limitless, and you will find that everyone has a story to tell about Back To The Future, the Time Machine and the origins and demise of the Delorean company.

Our Delorean Time Machine can be hired as a static display, an interactive experience or even for Film / TV footage. Just contact us with your requirements.

The BTTF Car Hire Team

BTTF Car Hire is a family run operation by James Napier, my wife Emma and our three children Paige, Devon and Daisy. We are all massive movie buffs and try to attend as many of our booked events as possible. Our Delorean will always be provided with at least one member of staff, and you can see from our previous reviews on Facebook that we are a friendly bunch who love speaking to and interacting with fans. So if you're looking to book a Delorean for event hire UK or hire Delorean for corporate events? Then be sure to give us a call.

Contact us now to hire a Delorean Time Machine for your wedding, corporate event, movie screening, product launch, birthday, photo shoot, exhibition, 80’s retro event, festival or other special occasion. We hope to see you in the future!

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