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Our other movie cars

While the Delorean Time Machine will always be the jewel in our crown, our passion for cars and the movies that they come from is impossible to tame. Therefore, over the past few years BTTF Car Hire has evolved into Movie Car Hire LTD and our fleet expanded from just one vehicle to seven! All of the cars we own are from films that we love, and hold a special place in our hearts. In most cases the cars have been built by us, or have provenance from the film industry along with the highest level of accuracy.

Knight Rider K.I.T.T Before the self driving cars of today there was K.I.T.T. A sleek black, crime fiting Pontiac Firebird that could talk, drive, dodge missiles and so much more. It captured the hearts and minds of a whole generation, and still to this day is at the top of many car enthusiasts wish lists. Our K.I.T.T replica is a recently completed project based on a mint condition Firebird owned by a General Motors Executive. As you'd expect, our car talks, responds to commands, has a fully functional dashboard and of course a gullwing steering wheel!

Jurassic Park Ford Explorer Used by Universal Studios for movie promo, our Ford Explorer spent most of its life in sunny Florida, before being purchased and imported by us. This vehicle is a highly accurate replica of the original movie cars right down to the paint used for its unique colour scheme and bubble roof. As you sit inside the vehicle you will be transported to Jurassic Park where in-ride screens will play the tour video. Watch out though, because when the cup of water on the dashboard starts shaking, a T-Rex may be looking for its dinner.

Gone in 60 Seconds Ford Mustang GT500 Eleanor When the car-jacking gang of Gone in 60 Seconds first set eyes on the Mustang GT500 parked in an underground garage, it is compared to a unicorn. What's a unicorn Freb asks. The answer: A fabled creature - You know, the horse with the horn? Impossible to capture!
And impossible to capture it is!
With it's 7 Litre Big Block V8 and fully functional NOS injection system, our GT500 is a seriously high performance and highly accurate replica of the movie car right down to the Go-Baby-Go button on the gear shifter.

Transformers Chevrolet Camaro Bumblebee One of the most recognisable movie cars in recent history, the black stripes on yellow Chevrolet Camaro is instantly recognisable by fans young and old as Bumblebee. Our Bumblebee is based upon the later model used in Dark of the Moon, and features the iconic LS 6.2L V8 engine along with screen accurate upgrades such as the sleek wing mirrors and ability to talk through ther radio.

Contact us now to hire a Delorean Time Machine for your wedding, corporate event, movie screening, product launch, birthday, photo shoot, exhibition, 80’s retro event, festival or other special occasion. We hope to see you in the future!

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